stainlesspartition Partitions by Accurate Partitions Corp

latch5020  We Stock Partition Parts for Many Manufacturers

KoalaChanging  Baby Changing Stations              xcelerator  Hand Dryers

fb-5060  We Stock Metal Access Doors, and  Special Order Valve Boxes, and Roof Hatches by Acudor.

6562_soap-dispenser.jpg250-15_towel-dispenserCommercial Bathroom Accessories, We stock Bradley,

Mirror.jpg                                  but can order Bobrick and ASI.

Cash Valve  Cash Valve, Pressure Regulating/Building Valves

7-E3-Threaded-300x300Cash Acme

thermoplastic valvesg300av4000  American Valve

1205-07   GLV-seriesNDS, We carry former KBI products, PVC and Acetal Valves.


SPEARS CPVC Fittings and Residential Ball Valves.

SNAP2276207_orig  Snap N’ Strut, 6/6 Nylon construction, featuring:  Strut and RodHandy.jpg

and Handy Snap for surface attachment.


Walker.jpg  We Stock Walker Strut Cushion Clamps 3/8″ thru 4-1/8″ O.D.

Globe Header  We stock Globe Pipe Hanger